About Superbugs and Drugs®

Welcome to APUA’s Superbugs and Drugs® blog. The blog was established to promote discussion about antibiotic resistance issues impacting public policy and patient care around the world. The blog will feature the input of APUA’s distinguished Expert Panel whose members hold vast global experience and expertise in improving antibacterial treatment and containment of antibiotic resistance. We are very excited to share their insights and we hope that you will join in on the discussions as well.  

The blog will be a platform for:
  • Providing insights on the impact of antibiotic resistance, strategies for improving antibiotic access and use, and current research, and
  • Facilitating ongoing dialogue between professionals working in the scientific, clinical and public policy communities.
Postings will focus on topics such as advocacy, policy, infection control, resistance trends, diagnostics, drug discovery, stewardship, and agriculture and veterinary usage of antibiotics. If you’d like to be notified when new blog entries are posted, sign up below to receive e-mail alerts or subscribe to the blog's RSS feed.

APUA relies on contributions from its members and generous donors.  If you are concerned about the public threat of antibiotic resistance, you can do more than worry--you can become part of the solution. Help combat antibiotic resistance by making a donation to APUA or becoming an APUA member. Become a member or donate now!